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The captain in safety vest accompanies the train on the way

12. Oct 2017 05:21, vivianq

On the Easter Monday started with the weather handicap. While the excursion traffic has become established, the long-term perspective of the subway is still uncertain.

Get out of the train, get to the Easter eggs, and quickly into the tent or back into the train. This is the motto for more than 130 passengers in safety clothing, families with children, who made their way. In heavy rain, nobody is after a long search. Sahara and Noah do not waste time.


"Found", call the children. Dozens of colorful Easter eggs have spread the helpers of the sponsoring association more than hidden. Mother Isabel Christine carries the weather with version. "We are on the road for the first time," says the Michelin. For the children the rail bus is an attraction.


The railway vet from the 1950s will be transferred near Stuttgart to the Karachi on this Easter Monday, where he will take part in the regular excursion on the 17 kilometer route from April 30th. Nearly 70 members of the Association help with the operation of the railway traffic. "There is a lot of heartbreak in it," says Lars in reflective vest, like Dieter Roller, drove earlier to the school by train. "Engender," remembers Roller - that was what was called Bangle.


How is the train going on?

The poultry kept their feathers regularly during the encounter with the rail bus. How is the train going on in the Valley? "That is in the limbo," knows the chairman of the association Hans-Joachim Vogt. "In September we know more." Is the route for a regular passenger transport? Is electrification an option? The expertise will decide the future of the route.


Originally, neighboring communities and counties were to declare by the end of 2016 whether they would leave the cooperation agreement concluded by 2018. This period has been extended by one year.

What is clear is that as the traffic continues, there is a great deal of investment in railroad transitions. The owner of the line, the Neckar AG, has pushed the plans forward. In the neighboring communities there are also critics. At the end of the year, an application for an immediate exit from the railway financing sector failed only marginally.


"We are confident," says Jorgen Hess. The captain's cap on his head, the safety vest, he accompanies the train on the way, where for the first time the Fix figure theater plays for the children. The start in the rail season makes any sense of courage. Hess has counted 132 passengers, significantly more than there are seats. There remains only one wish for the next trip on April 30th: better weather.