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Policemen in safety vest are patrolling shopping centers

17. May 2018 05:17, vivianq

For a few weeks in Lodz shopping centers, officers equipped with safety vest, long weapons and helmets have been observed. It means that something is threatening us. Residents are wondering. The police explain that it is for security reasons.


Reflective vest, automatic weapon and Kevlar helmet - such police officers circulate near Lodz shopping centers. It is quite an unusual sight. Once it was difficult to meet a regular patrol, and now you can see every day. Does it mean that something is threatening us?


Additional patrols appeared on the city streets before the World Youth Day. The Prime Minister issued a regulation in connection with the terrorist threat, informs asp staff. This applies to all patrols. Officers have automatic or long weapons.


After the introduction of the first alarm level, public administration authorities were obliged to conduct increased control of public places and large population centers. The alarm ceased to apply on August 1, but the police representative in safety clothing does not know when the patrols will be canceled.