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How to choose a reflector

10. Jul 2018 11:52, vivianq

If you are walking along the road in poor visibility, we recommend using two reflective tapes: ideally one on the forearm and the other over the ankle. "We always put it on the right side, because outside the village, where there is no walkway, we walk opposite the direction of the road, i.e. the right side to the road," recommends Martin Farad, the head of Bezique. "The light of the incoming car shine first in the lower half of the body, so it's good to have the tape as low as possible. It is important to avoid covering our clothes, especially when we put it on our wrists. "he adds. While the law requires use outside of the community, we recommend this element whenever you move in unlit places.



There are hundreds of reflective materials on the market - the differences in visibility are profound. So what to choose? "An indicative guide to selecting quality material can be the CE certificate or the manufacturer's mark. When it comes to clothing, such as a reflective vest, there should also be information about the washing process and how many wash cycles the material will last without changing its properties. "says Susana of the 3M technology company. It is also advisable to try the product before buying it. There are products with lower reflectivity on the market than it may seem at first glance and not every tape is well visible after lighting. "For the sake of clarity, we can measure the reflection rate using a flash camera, such as a cell phone," says Lukas Papal of 3M.