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A reflective safety jacket for every season

19. Jun 2017 07:29, vivianq

The Jura MACNA offers for the price of reflective jacket mid-range equipment capable of coping with hot weather as the beautiful autumn rain or frost of winter. A motorcycle jacket of every season is with its two liners and panel’s 3D mesh.


In seeking a jacket can protect you in any weather, you noticed the leather sports jacket Cobalt can be transformed into textile jacket GT but the budget made you shudder? Among the (very) broad range of Dutch manufacturer MACNA, there is a jacket every season since very French name is called Jura. And as the winding roads there, she invites you to travel and includes features for rolling under the deluge or the heat wave without suffering.


If the Jura safety jacket manages to retain a reasonable price in relation to its characteristics, is (among others) for sealing is provided by a liner, not a laminated membrane. This solution provides additional thickness and a little less flexibility but allows driving with a really airy jacket in summer once the two liners - against water and cold - removed.

For, to avoid suffocation, on roads or in town, MACNA placed two zips on the chest. They open onto two large panels of 3D Mesh for direct ventilation, assisted by more conventional versions armpits and along the shoulder blades. And if bad weather comes back, do not worry because the protective liners will then take place in the pocket located in the kidneys. Note: the logo placed on the back, positioned on Velcro, can be replaced with an LED light, available in the catalog MACNA.

3D Mesh settings and 6 straps


Add to that the closure collar Comfit and multiple adjustable straps, and you will understand why the Jura jacket has plenty to satisfy those who, riding their motorcycle, want to face any climate without spending more than € 300. On the side of safety, this MACNA jacket uses Drumlin (a mixture of polyester and polyamide) for flexibility, polyester 500 denier as well as the R-Tech polyester at 600 denier) for most in contact zones with the ground in case of slides. And, of course, Knox shells certified shoulders elbows, the back is optional.


Available in 5 colors, the jacket is MACNA Jura S to 4XL and can receive Reflective Vest Vision, a specific fluorescent chasuble for more cautious. The price is 299, 90 €. Finally, the Night Eye release, Discreet day but totally retro-reflective night, appears to 369, 90 €.

You want to know if this jacket really keeps its promises regardless of the weather. We are starting the test today.